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Request for Proposals For Civil Engineering Services For Milford City






Milford City Corporation is seeking the services of a qualified civil engineering consultant to provide comprehensive engineering and construction management services and to act as the City's representative and agent for engineering administration.


Sealed proposals must be submitted to the Milford City Office, P.O. Box 69, 405 South Main Street, Milford, Utah 84751, no later than 4:00 P.M. on or before September 10, 2015. It is important that the submittal be clear, concise and limited to ten pages total so they can be evaluated in an objective manner by Milford City. A designated firm representative or officer who is authorized to bind the firm contractually must sign the proposal. (Please enclose six copies)


Consultants who find that the information contained herein is not sufficient to make a complete proposal should immediately bring it to the City's attention by contacting City Administrator, Makayla Bealer, at 435.387.2711. Additional information will be provided to all known consultants desiring to make a proposal.


Milford City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and waive any irregularity, information or technicality in the proposals in the City's best interest, and is not obligated to award a contract based upon the lowest priced submission. If terms cannot be mutually agreed upon, the City reserves the right to enter into negotiations with one of the other qualified engineering firms.


Scope of Engineering Service


Milford City is soliciting engineering services for complete engineering, planning, surveying design, drafting, bidding, contract documents, and construction management of the following municipal projects:


•      Culinary Water Master Plan

•      Milford Community Center

•      Any other future projects


The above mentioned services shall also include the following:


1.    Represent the City and act as the City's agent to coordinate projects with other agencies, consultants, engineers, firms, and contractors.


2.    Review, check, process, and recommend approval of subdivision plans submitted to City for development purposes.


3.    Assist the City in acquisition of necessary properties, easements, and right of ways.


4.    Develop project scheduling and hold regular meetings with City officials, contractors and other individuals to facilitate and disseminate information.


5.    Provide land surveying, legal descriptions, and preparation of other documents.


6.    Hold meetings with City staff to discuss overall project goals and review schedules for other upcoming projects.


7.    Insure compliance with all State and Federal regulations during project development, design, and construction.


8.    Prepare capital facilities plans and impact fee studies and assist City Staff in preparation of standards, specifications, and ordinances.


Proposals Should Provide:


1.    An introduction that identifies the firm's general qualifications, office location, contact person, and contact information.


2.    A description of the project team that includes names, association with the firm, work experience, and level of participation of all those individuals who would be working on Milford City's projects.


3.    A list of completed projects that demonstrate civil engineering experience consistent with outlined scope of engineering service.


4.    A description of specific local knowledge that would be useful in meeting Milford City's engineering needs.


5.    A description of the consulting firm's fee structure that outlines hourly rates for engineering, drafting, surveying, inspection, project management, and clerical work. Also include descriptions of fees for travel expenses, copies, or any other expenses that maybe charged.


Evaluation Process


A selection committee consisting of, two City Council Representatives, the City Mayor, and the City Administrator, will evaluate the proposals and select the qualified consultant who is best able meet Milford City's engineering needs. Preference will be given to consultants with a local presence and with specific knowledge that will allow the consultant to respond efficiently to project needs. The committee reserves the right to request additional information from consultants submitting proposals.


The selected consultant shall be able to begin service as soon as an acceptable contract has been prepared, approved, and signed by all parties and formal notice has been issued.

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