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BY ORDER OF THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF MILFORD, UTAH, Notice is hereby given to all Milford City water users.


Milford City is currently experiencing a high volume of bulk water sales due to various construction projects. All water users are being asked to adhere to Milford City Ordinances pertaining to our water supply in an effort to protect the water system. Bulk Water Permits are required and can be obtained through the Milford City Office. If any businesses or residents are approached by any contractors or individuals requesting access to water, please refuse and direct them to the Milford City Office for a Bulk Water Permit. We also encourage anyone who is contacted in this manner to inform Milford City Office immediately. 


Should you observe anything “suspicious” i.e. someone filling a tank at a local park or dump station, business, or private residence, please contact Milford City Office at 435.387.2711 option 0. If it is after hours or on a weekend, please leave a voicemail on any extension with the date, time, location and a brief description of the vehicle/equipment observed. 

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Pictured right: Alice Schow and Leah Smith circa 1927-8